Discover Possibilities

People are capable of awesome and suprising things. As people, we engage in myriad activities, perform all sorts of services for each other's benefit. We also may have our own special interests or hobbies. Documenting and cataloging these different kinds of activities, services and interests, more people are able to discover activities and interests they may not have known about, and people are able to discover activities and services that they might not realize they have a need for.


When someone is interested on performing an activity for the benefit of another, it can be time consuming or overwhelming to find people that need that activity or service performed. By sharing information about skill level, and elaboriating hon any specialization at a skill or sevice helps a requestor understand what is capable of being provided and also sets expectations in a clear way. When we detail our capabilities it also serves as a useful tool to share what we're good at and what we prefer to do with our energy


Community is a critical resource for survival because of situations where a person not be able to provide their own needs. While in many cases it is possible to meet ones own needs in a self sufficient manner, it's important to understand that in many cases this is impossible or detrimental

Needs are the single most motivating factor for an individual when we need something, we know what we need and why. Basic needs are often the most critical, and should be provided to everyone equally. Pleasure and luxury, while not as urgent and critical as basic needs, are still valid needs, and may be provided as compensation for meeting other's needs.


Communication between groups, known as federation, enables better flexibility and more options to help respond to needs.

Communities already exist that provide mutual aid resources such as food banks or discord servers and telegram groups. Small communities have a benefit of members having the time to deeply understand what one another's needs are, and are enabled to focus on a particular subject or specialty. Larger communities benefit from having a wide diversity of individuals that each have different specialties.

By registering discord servers, slack channels, or even a custom applications with each other as devices, federation enables communities to discover each others specialties and resources.

Discover Common Goals

Adventitious is a small part of a wide community of projects that seek to enable everyone to take initiative. Even though the resources these communities provide might not be networked, the resources are really valuable and sharing these resources here helps with their discoverability until a time federation is enabled for their resources.

Technology Providers

Technology and tools are a force multiplier; they increase productivity by enabling an individual to do more with less effort.